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released November 18, 2016



all rights reserved


The Hudson Horror New York, New York

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Track Name: Ruiner
Borne of wretchedness
Commanded unto me
"Consume until all shall cease to be"
Compelled to pillage, rape, conquer and feed
Thirsting for blood, battle my creed

Decapitating the weak with glee
Severing the heads of the righteous
Exsanguination so sweet
Unfurling rage which fuels the violence

This maddened urge to kill, how it burns in me
Pestilence floweth through my veins
I am the scourge of death, the destroyer

I'll raze this land with ire
Die by my wicked hand

Torrential destruction, my gift to thee
My broadsword transmutes life to lifeless
Ruiner - the embodiment of death
Crusher of kings, all shall fear my name

Onward! Press forth my foul devotees
Cleave their flesh from their bones

Hear me serpent
Guide these tortured hands
Let your blackened flame light my way
Light my way

Decapitating the weak with glee
Severing the heads of the righteous
Ruiner - the embodiment of death
Crusher of kings, all shall fear my name
For I am the destroyer
Die by my hand
Track Name: Celestine
Torment and anguish be my name
Catatonic, ambling blindly through these days
Passive and petulant
Any grand purpose obscured by this haze

How I pine as I long for nightfall where I might transform
To the ethereal infinite, nocturnally reborn
This dream world so much more real than any life I could ever lead
In dying dreams of sirens I wait with bated breath

Awakened by the sun I rise and curse the day again
Each torturous day calamity, my trials know no end
Obsession be the wellspring of this madness that I feel
Lucid unreality, mock visions seem so real

Are these dreams or prophecies?
Each day growing more unbearable
Each nocturnal retreat more serene
I come to terms with a grisly truth

Morbid fixation, I've come here to die
This mortal coil too strong to deny
It's in me

Loving death embraces me
Offering relief
The Moon’s reflection tainted red
As this blade is drawn upon my flesh
My final thoughts as my pulse weakens:
"Have made a mistake?"
Slowly bleeding out
Apprehensive yet content

Upon this blood soaked soil finally I lay at peace
Dutifully departed, at home with the deceased
Time passes until nothing is left
Another unmarked grave, another claimed by death
Track Name: His Most Beloved
Nocturnal sentinels of evil
Pious blood doth soak these hands
We worship the Fallen, His once most beloved
Doctrine Luciferian
To the left is the path we walk
Ours is the march of the damned
Proudly donning our unhallowed crest
The reviled and feared pentagram

Raise thy blade to those who kneel before
The rotting Christ, condemning Hebrew God
He who dared cast out our master
With the Shepherd we're forever at odds

Light bringer, His Most Beloved

The Shepherd divideth his flock
And casts out the goat
Guided by the wolf
The goat returns to cut the Shepherd's throat

As it is written, so shall it be
Light bringer, Lucifer

Six hundred sixty six
Prayers for salvation
Upon deaf ears they shall fall

From the seas he'll rise
Majestic king with seven heads
In his shadow
Eternal pestilence shall spread

Pained howls of the Holy how they
Sound like singing to me
Your Lord has power here no more
Unstoppable the onslaught of this fiendish horde
Track Name: The Hunt
Enslaved to this hunger
Obsessed with consumption of another
Bound by this infernal yearning
Resist though I try

How I long to masticate human flesh
Cannibal urge bubbling 'neath this gaunt facade

Begin pursuit
Your death draws near
A creature spawned of the darkness you fear
Surely the will of the beast assumes control

Cursed so some may say
Deep in my psyche the wendigo lay
Eternally torn 'tween beast and man
I'm forever living and forever damned

I must be free
To feed upon flesh

“Listen, I'm sorry it had to be you but I have this thing in me that really digs your scent. It's complicated, but basically you're looking really fucking tasty. Well see there's nothing much I can do about it and quite frankly neither can you. No need to scream. This will all be over quickly, I promise.”

It must feed on flesh
It must be free
Track Name: Into the Crawling Chaos
Between other worlds
The empty spaces and awful voids
There lies the true source of entropy
Amid the piping
And hellish dances
Of forces unbeknownst to man

In the crawling chaos
There he gnaws hungrily
Insatiable consumer of worlds
The daemon sultan basking in eternal insanity

Arrive he shall
Bear witness to nyarlathotep
The harbinger
Praising the reign of a new Lord and King
Capricious mad daemon enslaving all beast
Defectors aborted, dead and defeated
Dismal denouement
Conclusion of days
Final resolution
The only way

In the awful voids and empty spaces
There he writhes madly, eager to negate us all

Oh glorious the day shall be
When humanity falls in line
And marches towards it’s demise
As if it could ever go any other fucking way

Predestined is the reign of our baron supreme
The curtains of madness drawn upon this world