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released May 31, 2015



all rights reserved


The Hudson Horror New York, New York

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Track Name: What the Moon Brings
Exposed to the truth of the tomb
Nightmares explicit, the true nature of doom
Psychedelics cast off this anchor of flesh, ascending to climax in a drug induced bliss
The earth before me mutates, my third eye comes alive
Standing before this garden where death blossoms so, on the cusp of dark wisdom which man ought not know
Expansive necrotic landscape, mocked by that orb in the sky
Aghast at the wayside of this infinite crypt
The horror unfolds before my eyes

Upon the sea that hateful Moon shone, the sky let out an elongated sigh
Midnight revelations narcotic in nature guide me to where death does reside
Nocturnal eikon, my loathsome reminder that all things must come to an end
Moonlight cascading, this lunar strain illuminating the faces of the damned

Wandering this incorporeal course, a cadaverous vista of unresting souls
Damnation hidden in this unhallowed place, “That which shrieks silent in the blackness of space”
Famished worms churning, consuming the flesh of men
Who were saved not when placed within the dirt

Here lies the flesh of all churchyards, beneath a vespertine sky
Upon this necropolis crash the fickle waves of death

Unbearable stench
Emanating from this sea of blood
Waves recede, revealing the basalt crown
On the mammoth skull of Death

What the Moon brings

Fiendish flora I crush as I flee in despair, how my lungs ache
Their nectar it flows, horrid their stares, calmly they gaze
Lotus faces, life wilting to naught, transfigured by this juggernaut
Lay me down among the corpses
Track Name: Visions of Disgust
Forever bound, I resist as piercing embers lick my flesh
No longer human, unsusceptible to death
Cries for mercy unheard as fingers unfold my skin
Screams, amplified by torture, met with manic grins

Those eyes, those eyes, unyielding hateful pleasure in those eyes
Endless pain eternal, oh why?
They maim to climax, rising moans accompany every slash and thrust
A plaything of these ghouls
A vision of disgust

Lemarchand’s configuration, how I regret that day
I burn

Orgasm reached through fleshwork by these foul architects of pain
Pierced by putrid phalluses in this realm of the insane
Bodily fluids embalming this flagellated husk
Wretched rites, their recreation is foul carnal lust

Those eyes, those eyes, unyielding hateful pleasure in those eyes
Endless pain eternal, oh why?

How I suffer
Gorge upon my soul

From above me hanging flesh reveal piques coated with blood
A vulgar amalgamation of fear and lust
Gorge upon my mind

How I envy the deceased in this vision of disgust
Never to see the light of day
Never to rest again
Hellbound by my pleasure seeking ways
Buried alive in this charnel of the damned
Track Name: The Ophidian Resurrection
Darkness, to you I’m beholden
Indebted, resurrected
Unbound from the grave
Cradled by evil
Rebirthed in this tomb

The light renounced me, a cadaver cast aside
After all my years bound by these dogmatic chains
My final thoughts consumed with ire
I embraced this hideous force

Enveloped in wrath I rose again
Vile shall be my acts in his name
The left hand path

All-consuming darkness engulfing the light of the flame
Donning a waxen façade of man
Deceptively cloaked in pious robes that conceal my true ophidian nature
Singing my praises to this defilement

I conduct your rituals of decomposition under a starless sky
Borne of primordial necromancy
Resurrected in the image of the beast

Incendiary passions calling me nigh
One of the thousand spawned from the goat
And you will all know this rapturous end!
Praise be to the horned ones with forked tongues!

Exaltation of his cursed name
Grotesque visions of decay
Triumph of perverse and vulgar ways
Leprous undivinity
Stygian malignancy
Grandiose display of heresy

Six hundred sixty six burned upon my scalp

Dark father I bow down before your majesty
Piety inverted
Unhallowed eternally
Track Name: Wolf's Blood
Into the night, where virtue dies

A slow painful progression as disease enters your mind
It’s flowing through your bloodstream, immunity undermined
You’re screaming for cessation, cry out to the divine
The process cannot be stopped

Embrace the bloodlust
Violent thoughts consume
Tender flesh eroding
Misled minds fragmenting

Wolf’s blood runs through my veins
And as I turn, ravaged by this curse, I grow foreign to the light

Murderous inclinations, the compulsion to kill
Driven to a fervent state, no control or self-will
Unrelenting hunger, predatory hate
I roam the Earth with just one goal, the bloodshed in my wake

How things change
Mother Moon, guide me on my dark path

Driven mad by this lycanthropic curse
An inhuman existence most foul
This heinous dementia now calling my name
This land echoes with my howls

With infernal strength and vigor I will rape this earth and reclaim all for the night
Gifted with the mind of a beast and the power of a god
At war with all that is hallowed, nemesis to the pure
I am the angel of death and bedlam unfurled

Wolf’s blood runs through my veins, I am reborn
Track Name: Anathema
On this terrestrial sphere, an island isolated in a multitude of darkness
How insignificant we are before that which is infinite
Cosmic entities, otherworldly precursors to the universe existing in realms yet unrevealed to man
The elder gods
Any false concept of divinity crushed before the awesome truth that lies just beyond our reach
They ruled this plane before, they will return and destroy the nuisance we have become

Darkness engulfs all
Chaos will consume
Inexplicable to science and religion alike

R’lyeh arise, seal our fate
Mother Gaia returned to ash and clay

Dreaming of an…

Anathematic end to a meaningless race, sleeping in his house dead Cthulu waits
Planetary suffocation, the end of days
The Earth reclaimed by the old ways
Destined by the corpse-city that fell, this lost land now an aquatic hell
It’s inhabitants slumbering eternally, one day to fulfill their dark prophecy

Messages trapped in the subconscious of those aligned to misanthropic ways
Astral transmissions command rites most foul
Bizarre incantations and forgotten prose
Ritual sacrifice bearing an acrid stench

This is the end of days

Rise! Seal our fate!
Mother Gaia returned to ash and clay
Track Name: Heretic
Wretched! To victory- we wholly abhorrent foes to the virtuous
Reviled, at long last triumph be nocturnal
Hated, despised, adherents to the wicked
Antithesis to the fallacy of salvation

Rancorous horde, the nightkin behemoth
Trampling forth on cloven feet
Heinous prophets, horned harbingers diabolic

Heresy we preach
The time of man has ceased
Legionnaires of sin, we are the children of the beast

Unhallowed and tenebrous
We welcome the return of the old ways

O ghoulish companion of the night, join me in nocturnal rites
Revel as this blood cascades down your throat
Consume the flesh of this virgin babe
Recite the words from our tome, the Necronomicon
‘Til at long last this realm be cloaked in ebony

The soul of the beast is triumphant
Mankind shall be brought unto it’s knees
Aeons old, this fleshbound text foretold
Annihilation of humanity

The soul of the beast is triumphant, rejoice the fall of man
Track Name: Scarlet
How the scarlet flows so swiftly, rejoice in sweet eruption!
The scalpel dances across flesh, abhorrent reconstruction
Decadent rearrangement
How I've longed for sadistic mutilation
Amorous incisions arouse libido
Infatuations lacerations

Blood! The sight is overwhelming, I am hypnotized
Steel, in the throes of lust, separates the flesh

Cut into you
Lusting for death

A necrotic miasma fills the air
The vile act concludes
Track Name: Nemesis
A delicate ecosystem governed by forces over which we have no control
A passing star disrupts this orbit we have taken for granted
To all things there is a season
We too shall meet our end

Our closed loop fate, unavoidable
Our insignificance now cruelly clear
There is no chaos, only patterns
There are no variables, only the inevitable

Extinguished in an instant

Nemesis will shine for all to see
Cataclysmic potentiality
Nemesis will shine for all to see
Catastrophic eventuality

As prophesied fire rains down from the sky
The ground turns ashen grey
As the seas begin to rise
This world will end with a whimper

No hope at all