His Most Beloved

from by The Hudson Horror



Nocturnal sentinels of evil
Pious blood doth soak these hands
We worship the Fallen, His once most beloved
Doctrine Luciferian
To the left is the path we walk
Ours is the march of the damned
Proudly donning our unhallowed crest
The reviled and feared pentagram

Raise thy blade to those who kneel before
The rotting Christ, condemning Hebrew God
He who dared cast out our master
With the Shepherd we're forever at odds

Light bringer, His Most Beloved

The Shepherd divideth his flock
And casts out the goat
Guided by the wolf
The goat returns to cut the Shepherd's throat

As it is written, so shall it be
Light bringer, Lucifer

Six hundred sixty six
Prayers for salvation
Upon deaf ears they shall fall

From the seas he'll rise
Majestic king with seven heads
In his shadow
Eternal pestilence shall spread

Pained howls of the Holy how they
Sound like singing to me
Your Lord has power here no more
Unstoppable the onslaught of this fiendish horde


from Ruiner, released November 18, 2016



all rights reserved


The Hudson Horror New York, New York

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