Into the Crawling Chaos

from by The Hudson Horror



Between other worlds
The empty spaces and awful voids
There lies the true source of entropy
Amid the piping
And hellish dances
Of forces unbeknownst to man

In the crawling chaos
There he gnaws hungrily
Insatiable consumer of worlds
The daemon sultan basking in eternal insanity

Arrive he shall
Bear witness to nyarlathotep
The harbinger
Praising the reign of a new Lord and King
Capricious mad daemon enslaving all beast
Defectors aborted, dead and defeated
Dismal denouement
Conclusion of days
Final resolution
The only way

In the awful voids and empty spaces
There he writhes madly, eager to negate us all

Oh glorious the day shall be
When humanity falls in line
And marches towards it’s demise
As if it could ever go any other fucking way

Predestined is the reign of our baron supreme
The curtains of madness drawn upon this world


from Ruiner, released November 18, 2016



all rights reserved


The Hudson Horror New York, New York

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