from by The Hudson Horror



Torment and anguish be my name
Catatonic, ambling blindly through these days
Passive and petulant
Any grand purpose obscured by this haze

How I pine as I long for nightfall where I might transform
To the ethereal infinite, nocturnally reborn
This dream world so much more real than any life I could ever lead
In dying dreams of sirens I wait with bated breath

Awakened by the sun I rise and curse the day again
Each torturous day calamity, my trials know no end
Obsession be the wellspring of this madness that I feel
Lucid unreality, mock visions seem so real

Are these dreams or prophecies?
Each day growing more unbearable
Each nocturnal retreat more serene
I come to terms with a grisly truth

Morbid fixation, I've come here to die
This mortal coil too strong to deny
It's in me

Loving death embraces me
Offering relief
The Moon’s reflection tainted red
As this blade is drawn upon my flesh
My final thoughts as my pulse weakens:
"Have made a mistake?"
Slowly bleeding out
Apprehensive yet content

Upon this blood soaked soil finally I lay at peace
Dutifully departed, at home with the deceased
Time passes until nothing is left
Another unmarked grave, another claimed by death


from Ruiner, released November 18, 2016



all rights reserved


The Hudson Horror New York, New York

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